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Personal narrative by Chad Entinger. Originally published in Deaf Diaspora by Bob Ayres.

My alarm clock is not my favorite possession. I love to sleep. Most mornings I consider my alarm clock a nuisance. Being Deaf, my alarm consists of a vibrator vibrating, lights flashing, and very loud beeping (yes, I can hear just a bit in my right ear). This chord of activity does its job-waking the heavy sleeper in me!

As the chord continues, I often hit my favorite button. You probably already know, per personal experience, which button it is. You've got it-the SNOOZE button. Ahh... how nice it is to hit the snooze button and get an extra nine minutes of sleep. It is only nice until I realize I've hit that snooze button a few too many times and I will be late for work, an appointment, or something else I planned! My, what fun it would be to witness someone else do all the scrambling, taking a shorter than usual shower, washing only your hair, applying less than usual strides of deoorant, puttin on whatever clothes are closest to yo uin your closet, looking into your refrigerator and finding nothing convenient for breakfast, running out of your house, and driving ten miles an hour faster than usual! We may just discvoer how much of a fool we become ourselves when we are the ones doing all the scrambling to th rapid beats of our hearts.

There is a Deaf alarm vibrating, flashing and loudly beeping in an attempt to waken people ... to the crisis facing the Deaf Community.

I believe there is a Deaf alarm vibrating, flashing, and loudly beeping in an attempt to waken people, both Deaf and hearing, to the crisis facing the Deaf Community. Many Deaf people do not have Jesus as their Lord and Personal Savior. Estimates show there are at least 250 million Deaf people living in our world today.

Many of these Deaf people have yet to learn of the opportunity they can have of eternal life in Heaven (and the eternal consequences of sin). It has been reported that only 2% of Deaf people in the entire world are Christians.

Yes, we have a real crisis, or as Deaf Christians would sign it (with much emphasis!), "CRISIS REAL!" Too many Deaf people do not tie in Christian faith with the Deaf experience. 

We need to overcome the urge and tendency to hit our spiritual "snooze buttons"

I believe the Evil One has been crafty at placing "snooze buttons: in Christians. We need to overcome the urge and tendency to hit our spiritual "snooze buttons" if we're going to, with God's help, raise the percentage of Deaf people who have a relationship with Jesus. Dare we become fools ourselves and keep on hitting the "snooze button?"

A Christian friend and I visited a man at his house. We were forewarned that he was not a Christian and had stopped attending church a long time ago. We began a casual conversation with him that ranged from learning about his family to his past schooling experiences to spiritual beliefs. Eventually, we asked him his thoughts about God.

"I am an atheist! I do not believe in God!" He responded.

I asked him, "Why do you NOT believe in God?"

I did not understand what was going on... they did not care about me or communicate with me.

He went on to answer, "My parents always forced me to go to church with them when I was growing up. But I never understood what was going on, because they had no interpreter and no one in the church knew sign language. They did not care about me or communicate with me."

"This doesn't seem like a very pleasant experience to me," were my thoughts.

He continued, "Speaking of church, I do not have any respect for preachers. I believe they are in teh church to make money. I remember my preacher standing up in the front, on the stage, with a big smile while holding the offering plates after teh offering had been collected."

My friend and I made repeated efforts to encourage the man to put aside his negative past experiences and understand that Jesus truly loves him, to no avail.

We pondered how sad it was...

As we drove away we pondered how sad it was that this man felt he was "forced" to attend church while growing up. How sad it was that this church did not show the love of Jesus nor see this man through the eyes of Jesus. How sad that no one took the time to explain clearly Jesus Christ to him.

My best friend, Joe, was my roommate during college at Gallaudet University. When I was in graduate school, Joe worked for the Video Productions Department at Gallaudet. We lived in an apartment about 20 miles from teh campus. Joe was prone to hitting that snooze button too many times. In fact, he was arriving to work late too often.

He realized he had a crisis. He realized he had to take action to correct this. He decided to set up his alarm clock (with the snooze button on it) on the other side of teh bedroom. The next morning the lights would flash on and off. With the snooze button on the other side of the room, he had to get out of bed and walk across teh room to turn off the alarm.

The time is now to wake up and act.

The Deaf alarm continues to go off. We continue to allow ourselves to hit the snooze button and allow this crisis to continue. Just how long can we continue to hit that snooze button? How long is too long?

My friends, for too many Deaf people, when Jesus comes again, it will have been too long. The time is now to wake up and act.

Kellie O'Brien